1Z1-324 日本語版試験解答 & 1Z0-066 日本語復習赤本

一発合格できない1Z1-324 訓練 - スピーディーな洞察力と1Z1-324 訓練 & 質量の1Z1-324 訓練問題集を入手してみましょう & 1Z1-324 訓練日本語版と英語版 - 1Z1-324 訓練お客様に全額で返金いたします、1Z1-324 訓練テスト参考書に合格できないことを心配していますか、1Z1-324 訓練 相似則及び最適化手法を活用した縮小衝突用ダミーモデルの設計に関する研究 & 資格問題集 ダウンロード  1Z1-324 訓練 & 米ラスベガスにて開催中の1Z1-324 訓練「 & 1Z1-324 訓練日本語全真問題集、1Z1-324 訓練ウェブトレーニングは試験に関連する書物を学ぶだけで合格できるものでは - 推奨する参考書や模擬試験の1Z1-324 訓練問題集、シスコの1Z1-324 訓練認定資格試験用の教材およびネットワーク テクノロジーの

Pass4TestのOracleの1Z1-324 日本語版試験解答は試験問題と解答を含まれて、豊富な経験を持っているIT業種の専門家が長年の研究を通じて作成したものです。その権威性は言うまでもありません。うちのOracleの1Z1-324 日本語版試験解答を購入する前に、Pass4Testのサイトで、一部分のフリーな試験問題と解答をダンロードでき、試用してみます。君がうちの学習教材を購入した後、私たちは一年間で無料更新サービスを提供することができます。



試験科目:「Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials」



問題と解答:全165問 1Z1-324 日本語版試験解答

>> 1Z1-324 日本語版試験解答



試験科目:「Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administration」



問題と解答:全185問 1Z0-066 日本語復習赤本

>> 1Z0-066 日本語復習赤本



あなたは君の初めてのOracle1Z0-066 日本語復習赤本を受ける時に認定試験に合格したいか。Pass4Testでは、私たちは君のすべての夢を叶えさせて、君の最も早い時間でOracleの1Z0-066 日本語復習赤本に合格するということを保証します。Pass4TestのOracle1Z0-066 日本語復習赤本は豊富な経験を持っているIT専門家が研究したもので、問題と解答が緊密に結んでいるものです。Pass4Testを選ぶなら、絶対に後悔させません。




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Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administration
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Duration: 150 minutes
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Passing Score: 61% View passing score policy
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Format: Multiple-Choice
Exam Price: US$ 150 More on exam pricing

Oracle Data Guard Basics

Describe the Architecture of Oracle Data Guard
Explain the applicability between physical and logical standby and snapshot databases
Explain the benefits of implementing Oracle Data Guard
Explain Data Guard use with the Oracle Multi-tennant databases
Creating a Physical Standby Database by Using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Create a Data Guard broker configuration
Create a physical standby database
Verify a Data Guard configuration
Edit database properties related to Data Guard
Test a Data Guard configuration
Managing Oracle Net Services in a Data Guard Environment

Configure client connectivity in a Data Guard configuration
Implement failover procedures to automatically redirect clients to a new primary database
Using Application Continuity in a Data Guard Environment
Creating a Physical Standby Database by Using SQL and RMAN Commands

Configure the primary database and Oracle Net Services to support the creation of the physical standby database and role transition
Create a physical standby database by using the DUPLICATE TARGET DATABASE FOR STANDBY FROM ACTIVE DATABASE RMAN command
Using Oracle Active Data Guard

Use Real-time Query to access data on a physical standby database
Enable RMAN block change tracking for a physical standby database
Use Far Sync to extend zero data loss protection for intercontinental configurations
Using Temporary Undo. Global Sequences and Session Sequences
Using Automatic Block Media Recovery
Configure Real-Time Cascading
Creating and Managing a Snapshot Standby Database

Create a snapshot standby database to meet the requirement for a temporary, updatable snapshot of a physical standby database
Convert a snapshot standby database back to a physical standby database
Creating a Logical Standby Database

Determine when to create a logical standby database
Create a logical standby database
Manage SQL Apply filtering
Oracle Data Guard Broker Basics

Describe the Data Guard broker architecture
Describe the Data Guard broker components
Explain the benefits of the Data Guard broker
Describe Data Guard broker configurations
Creating a Data Guard Broker Configuration

Create a Data Guard broker configuration
Manage the Data Guard broker configuration
Monitoring a Data Guard Broker Configuration

Use Enterprise Manager to manage your Data Guard configuration
Invoke DGMGRL to manage your Data Guard configuration
Configuring Data Protection Modes

Describe the data protection modes
Change the data protection mode of your configuration
Performing Role Transitions

Explain the database roles
Perform a switchover
Perform a failover
Using Flashback Database in a Data Guard Configuration

Configure Flashback Database
Explain the advantages of using Flashback Database in a Data Guard configuration
Enabling Fast-Start Failover

Configure fast-start failover
View information about the fast-start failover configuration
Manage the observer
Perform role changes in a fast-start failover configuration
Manually reinstate the primary database
Backup and Recovery Considerations in an Oracle Data Guard Configuration

Use Recovery Manager (RMAN) to back up and restore files in a Data Guard configuration
Offload backups to a physical standby database
Recovering databases in a Data Guard Environment
Managing Archive Redo Logs in a Data Guard Environment
Patching and Upgrading Databases in a Data Guard Configuration

Patch and upgrade databases using traditional patch methods
Perform rolling upgrades
Optimizing a Data Guard Configuration

Monitor configuration performance
Optimize redo transport for best performance
Optimize SQL Apply

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